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Raspberry Goji Rose, Rosemary Lemon, Lavender Love, Tropical Turmeric, Blueberry Basil, Blackberry Mint

Raspberry Goji Rose, Rosemary Lemon, Lavender Love, Tropical Turmeric, Blueberry Basil, Blackberry Mint

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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. It’s carbonated, refreshing and delicious, available in many different flavors. Sometimes referred to as a mushroom, kombucha is actually a “Symbiotic Culture Of Beneficial Bacteria and Yeast” or a SCOBBY. When the SCOBBY is placed in an infusion of tea and sugar and fermented, the result is a refreshing and rejuvenating beverage rich in probiotics, amino acids and B vitamins.

Benefits of Kombucha include being high in probiotics, bioactive compounds that function as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants fight free radicals that can damage your cells. Kombucha, especially when made with green tea appears to have powerful antioxidant effects on the liver. It also kills bacteria, and may reduce heart disease risk, help manage Type-2 Diabetes, and possibly protect against cancer. And on top of all that, it helps boost your energy, being a great provider of B-vitamins and enzymes.

Our bottled kombucha is actually called Jun. A rare cousin of Kombucha, Jun is made by fermenting tea and honey with a SCOBY, creating a natural effervescence. The Jun SCOBBY (culture) and Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Beneficial Bacteria and Yeast) look similar but thrive on completely different substrates. A Jun SCOBBY is a distinct culture with its own benefits and unique flavor profile. Our authentic heirloom Jun SCOBBY feeds on honey and is uniquely adapted to work with the host of bacteria, organisms and antimicrobial properties present in honey. 

Our kombucha comes in six delicious flavors: Raspberry Goji Rose, Rosemary Lemon, Lavender Love, Tropical Turmeric, Blueberry Basil and Blackberry Mint.


Hwangchil Longevity Tea

Hwangchil has been known for its powerful healing properties and used by royal families for thousands of years in Korea, Japan and China. Its scientific name Dendropanax morbifera means “the tree of panacea.” 

Benefits of Hwangchil Longevity Tea include stress relief, being an energy purifier that cleanses and balances energy with its exquisite fragrance. It also detoxifies, promoting healthy liver function and nourishes the skin with antioxidants. It’s a natural sleep aid, digestion enhancer and even strengthens your bones. 

It is no exaggeration to say that the properties of Hwangchil are unique and distinctive and make it very helpful for stability of our physical, emotional, and mental health. It helps boost immunity, prevents hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. In traditional Oriental medicine, a decoction of the stem and leaf were used in the treatment of liver disease, and in detoxification of the digestive system.  

Detox Healing Tea

Available as a delicious, smooth and naturally sweet tea, detox healing energy tea helps eliminate toxins that accumulate or form in the body in the process of breathing or consuming food, and it helps normal functioning of the bodily organs involved in regular metabolism and immunity. 

It’s made by fermenting four herbs including jeju tangerine peel, dan-shen root, lady bell root, and wild smilax that cleanse the body of various toxins and activate the functions of its organs. 

Thanks to a fermentation process that uses probiotic microorganisms or fungi to obtain substances that are good for the body, this tea has the benefits of promoting digestion and being readily absorbed into the body. The fermentation process also gives the herbs a gentler character along with deep sweet flavor. 

Wild Smilax, one of the ingredients found in Detox Healing Tea