Our Wellness Services

Learn about your own unique patterns and what's influencing your current conditions and receive our expert guidance.

Focus and direct LifeParticles energy toward what you want to manifest your deepest desires and create healing.

Chakra Healing $20 / 10 min

Align your chakras to release negative energy. Open pathways for love and joy in your life and connect to your higher purpose.

Magnetic Healing $20 / 10 min

Rebuilt your biomagnetic field and increase circulation by charging iron in your blood, reducing physical pain and conditions.

Strengthen the tissues, nerves, muscles, and organs in your gut while removing toxins. Improve digestion and promote weight loss.

Aura Reading

What is an Aura? Everyone and everything has an aura. Our aura is filled with colors that reflect and show each and every aspect of ourselves. The colors can reveal your energy and your stress levels, your passion, and more. An aura consultation will provide you with some clear insights into yourself and your life. 

You can see aura colors, stress and energy levels, mind / body balance and more. 

LifePartical Healing

Your body is a moving mass of energy; everything contained and felt can be contributed at a fundamental level to the energy of life flowing inside of you. LifeParticles are the building blocks of this energy, and they they hold the power to bring tremendous healing to yourself and others, as well as alter your environment and circumstances. LifeParticles are a visual depiction of life energy itself. If you are familiar with sacred geometry, LifeParticles work similarly as visual depictions of the building blocks of everything around us. 

The process of mastering using energy as you intend is one that needs careful training and seasoned guidance. Our energy masters at Mago Café have come together to create the ultimate experience of feeling, receiving, giving, moving, and shifting life energy through LifeParticles.


Chakra Healing

Innate energy to maintain vital activity is always flowing through our bodies. The body has seven central channels for this bioenergy which are called “chakras.” Chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel” or “circle.” This is because life energy in the human body collects into whirling circular, wheel-like forms, centered on the location of each of the seven chakras. 

The seven chakras control the flow of meridians, channels of energy in our bodies. Regulating our autonomic nervous system, heartbeat, breathing, blood sugar, digestion, and saliva secretion, they are intimately connected with every part of our bodies. Our lives can be enriched if we manage our seven chakras, keeping them healthy.

Once we’ve helped you identify the strength of your chakras through one of these tests, we  can adjust your chakra energy balance using a variety of methods.


Magnetic Healing

When you think about energy, do you automatically think about the energy that is within you? Or, do you instantly focus on the energy forces outside of yourself? If you pause a moment and really think about it, you can imagine how these two energies are one in the same. 

This is what magnet meditation is all about: learning to sense the forces that course through, both inside and outside of your own body and awareness. When we talk about being “in flow,” this is one aspect of what we mean. Being able to sense your energy and the energy of a situation allows you to come into harmony and “flow” with what is taking place. 

As we begin to work with magnets and develop your  skills at sensing energy, you’ll be able to try your own visualization exercises at home. 


Belly Button Healing

Belly Button Healing is a self-healing massage for the intestines, often referred to as the “holy grail” of health. It’s done through a repetition of rhythmic pumping movements using a T-shaped tool. The pumping movement induces peristalsis and allows proper blood and energy flow in the gut.

The root philosophy is based in acupressure and the role of the vagus nerve, a nerve that blankets the body’s major organs from the brain to the abdomen, sending signals up and down and connecting everything in between. Applying pressure to and stimulating the belly button activates the vagus nerve, and the FDA has approved vagus nerve stimulation as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and Alzheimer’s. 

Over decades of trial and research, Belly Button Healing has proven to be an effective method of addressing many illness that stem ultimately from an unhealthy gut and gut microbiome.